WHAT A WORLD: Pride Houston’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad decision


Downtown route of Pride Houston’s 2015 LGBT Pride Parade. Image courtesy chron.com    By Nancy Ford By now you’ve heard the news. The Pride Parade, which has wound through Houston’s […]

NANCY FORD on MY FOX 26 HOUSTON: NFL Hopeful Michael Sam Comes Out


  There’s nothing like being awakened out of a sound sleep on a rainy, predawn morning by FOX 26 HOUSTON, to comment on NFL hopeful Michael Sam’s announcement that he […]

WHAT A WORLD: A Different Kind of Pussy Riot

Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony

By NANCY FORD YES YES, THERE was the healthcare website mess. Sure sure, there was the anti-Constitutional NSA surveillance thing. Then there was that overblown selfie business at Nelson Mandela’s […]

HOUSTON PRESS: Diane Keaton is Unique, Unique, Unique, Unique, Unique, Unique


By Nancy Ford IT’S A LITTLE surreal. Talking to Diane Keaton, as will the audience at her upcoming appearance for Brilliant Lecture Series on February 6, is a lot like walking onto […]

HOUSTON PRESS: Like Texans Need More Reasons to Love Home-Girl Betty Buckley


BY NANCY FORD It’s hardly disputable that Betty Buckley is indeed “The Voice of Broadway,” according to New York Magazine, as well as to most hearing human beings. Beyond that descriptive […]

IT BEGINS AT HOME: Creating Change 2014 Comes to Houston


By Nancy Ford OFFERING MORE SPEECHES, workshops, and motivational sessions than you can shake a big gay stick at, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s 2014 Creating Change conference […]

WHAT A WORLD: Dashing to Victory with the Lesbians


By Nancy Ford ALREADY, 2014 has proven to be a more interesting year than 2013, especially for Houston’s sports-loving LGBT community. Following a season in which our Texans sucked harder […]

WHAT A World: Traveling to Kuwait? Bend Over


By Nancy Ford IN CASE THE THREAT of imprisonment or even death for their homosexuality isn’t deterrent enough to prevent most LGBT folks from venturing to the Middle East (and […]

WHAT A WORLD: A Better Reason to Dance


Tit for tat? LHI-Houston foregoes its traditional gala and chooses to concentrate on saving lesbian lives.  BY NANCY FORD AH, THE DANCE. It’s a metaphor for so many things. It’s celebration. It’s […]

WHAT A WORLD: A Memorable Trip to My Mayberry


By Nancy Ford JIM NABORS, nee goofball patriot Gomer Pyle, probably shocked some of his fellow Mayberrians in 2013 by publicly coming out of the closet. “I’m very happy that […]